Download SEO Software

Here you can download the SEO Software and try it on your windows computer for free. Various screenshots of the software are also given below with small description of the feature, the screenshot is displaying. Just scroll down the page to view the screenshots which can tell you what all this SEO Software has to offer.

Download and try out this SEO Software for free on your Windows Computer now. The SEO Software can be used on Windows computer on 32 bit and 62 bit versions and has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7. The SEO Software should work fine on Windows Vista and other Windows operating systems as well.

Screenshots of the SEO Software

Given below screenshots can give you an idea of how to use this SEO Software. The screenshots will also enumerate various features of the SEO Software. In case the screenshots say that the SEO Software can be of little bit help or can be of use to analyse various search engine optimisation attributes, do download the software from the above link and try it out for free.

Search for Keyword or Find Backlinks

Given below screenshot displays the screen on which you can search for keywords in specified region or search for backlink of a website / url. Notice various checkboxes which you can select to display other SEO attributes of search results or backlinks.

One of the screen of the SEO Software where you can enter keywords to search for or enter alt website or url to find backlinks

How to Enter Keywords to Search or Website URL to find Back links

An information box which displays how to enter a keyword to search in selected region or to find backlinks of a website or url. Depending on the words you enter in this screen, the SEO software will either search internet for keywords or find back links of a website.

Information box displaying how to enter words to search for or find backlinks

SEO Software displaying Back links of a website

Use back link checker to check back links of any given url or website. Analyse back links for meta description and meta keywords apart from other seo attributes of all back links found.

Back Link checker of the SEO Software displaying backlinks of a website

Find Emails from webpages

Email finder to get email addresses listed on pages to allow you to communicate with various websites. Use email addresses for email marketing or to find email addresses of a specific group of websites.

SEO Software displaying email addresses found in search results

Find Blogs to Comment On with Blog Finder

Blog Finder to find blogs on which you can submit or post a comment to get a relative back link. Right click on the search records to know available options to copy single or multiple selected search records easily to clipboard.

Blog Finder search results in the SEO Software

Export Search Results or Back Links to .csv file

You can export the search results, back links, unique domain names found in search results or with backlink checker to an external .csv file. The .csv file is a text file which can be viewed in notepad, microsoft excel or any other relative software. This can be really useful to analyse backlinks or search results in offline mode or can be useful to give you an greater insight into the back links of a website or keywords and top search results.

Save SEO Report as a text file

SEO Software Settings

The Settings will allow you to control how many search results or backlinks you wish to be listed in the main sscreen. The maximum number of back links or search results for email finder, blog finder, etc is 1000. You can even control the maximum timeout of each query to an external website.

Settings of SEO Software

Download the SEO Software Now

Does all above screenshots say that this SEO Software can be useful to get better understanding of your competitors and to guide you to the correct search engine optimisation path? In case yes, do not wait, just download the software from the download link provided at the top of the page and give it a try yourself. This SEO Software can be a really handy tool whenever you wish to analyse internet, find emails, find back links, find blogs on which you can comment and much more.

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