Free to try Search Engine Optimization Software

The free trial SEO Software offered can help you understand the current search results depending on available countries so that you can understand what all websites are available for your search keywords in targeted country. Apart from search results from different countries, this Search Engine Optimization Software can help you find back links of a specific website and all other websites linking to it.

Screenshot of SEO Software to get basic seo attributes of search results

Do have a look at a video demo which displays the SEO Software offered here. Please do navigate to the download page of the SEO Software where you can have a look at various Screen shots of the SEO software and download the software on your windows computer and give it a try for free. The Software can be used for various search engine optimisation purposes. Few of the features of the SEO Software are as given below :

Blog Finder to find blogs to Comment On

Find Blogs, Find text of submit buttons to know what type of buttons are available on the result page to find whether it does have a submit button or not. Visit the blog by double clicking on the record quickly, place your comment and possibly get a free backlink to your blog or website.

Blog Finder to get blogs to comment on

Backlink Checker to find relative back links

Check back links of any website or a url for backlinks. Find out how many links link to a website or to a specific url. Check how many domains link to specific website or url to determine the marketing strategy of the website.

Check backlinks of any url or website with this SEO Software

Link Verifier

Easily Verify existence of backlinks to your website onto other websites with Link Verifier. This SEO Software can be really handy tool to make sure that backlinks of your website do stay wherever they are supposed to stay. Download Link Verifier trial software for free now and save time and money in verification of backlinks to your website.

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